High Quality Auto Body Repair Panels

Leading as one of the top in the industry of replacement automotive gear, Aveska is the affordable and trustworthy solution to any of your needs. With a range of products available, we have become the one stop shop for all of your replacement needs, and pride ourselves in stocking market leading products. Our car body repair panel range is one of our largest, fitting to a number of car models. Through our multiple years within the industry, we have been able to source the very best for our Australian customers, and provide them with the safest and most durable options for their car body repairs.

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With the ability to fit a range of Holden, Ford and Toyota models, these auto body panels are made from heavy duty metals to ensure that they last the customer an extensive amount of time. With a full catalogue of panels that can suit a number of vehicle types, Aveska has ensured that we do not compromise quality for affordability. Our team are all motor enthusiasts, which helps our ability sourcing these parts to include in our range.

Aveska’s motto is “our passion is our business”. Every day, we strive to deliver our customers nationwide the best options for their automotive repairs and replacements. With extensive industry knowledge, our team are highly qualified to offer advice on any of your needs and find the best solution to any problems encountered.

It is imperative to us that we source and deliver the highest quality pieces, including windscreen and door seals, to ensure that our customers are safe in their everyday travel. Any issue with functionality of sealants and panelling on the car can be the cause of a major accident, and our team are comfortable in knowing that we provide products that deliver security to our customers. We also stock replacement seat belt options for a range of models to ensure that our customers have heightened safety in their vehicle. In order to find out about our full range, you can call us today. Simply dial (08) 7325 8425, or send an enquiry to sales@aveska.com.au.


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